Fr. Alfonso Cely


Fr. Jose Luis Ortegano
Fr. Jose Luis Ortegano

Office Manager

FIvellise (Lily) Muniz

Parish Bookkeeper

Jhon C. Daza

Administrative Assistant

Dora Curcio

Music Director

Kristopher Shave

Religious Education Coordinator

Rita Morano
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Deacon Frank Morano

Rita and I are blessed for having been assigned to St. Ann’s parish. We thank Fr. Alfonso for the opportunity to join him and others in administering to the richly diverse members of this beautiful parish. The pride of being a member of this parish can be seen in every smile we see on every parishioner we encounter. St. Ann’s is also a parish with its own orange grove! That is certainly a parish attribute that cannot be beat! The Tenth Anniversary of my Ordination is fast approaching (May 28, 2021). Even though it will be ten years since my Ordination, the fabric of my Diaconal Ministry remains sealed with the following core beliefs that have remained intact and I have taken with me to St. Ann’s. I do believe, as Permanent Deacons, my Brothers and I have been called to a life of humility in spirit. If we have been truly Ordained to be Christ’s servant, how can we conduct our lives any differently than how Jesus conducted his life on earth? Secondly, if offered an opportunity to help someone else, I will act upon it as best I can because, in doing so, I am doing something for the Greater Glory of God, which may very well be as simple as allowing God to work through me to help others. In doing so, brings sunshine to my life as a Catholic and as a Deacon. After deciding to make a permanent move to Florida for our “retirement years,” Rita and I chose to limit our search to the center of the state. Even though we are quiet “Disney Crazies,” the only connection to Disney was how we decided to check out Haines City. In response to a question from the Room Service Attendant at a Disney Hotel that we never stayed at before, we explained we were only in town for one night to see a condo two hours north of Disney. Her immediate response was, “Why not move to Haines City? It is a lovely place.” Once we realized this was exactly where we wanted to live, we tagged the server, “A messenger from God!” What I describe as “A Rather Simple Life with Many Stops,” began soon after we left Brooklyn, New York, the place of my birth, and I started my Active Duty service with the Air Force as an Officer and Health Care Administrator. Over the years, Rita and I have moved in and out of Brooklyn; three times to be exact. In addition to Brooklyn, we have lived on Homestead AFB, Florida, in Parlin, New Jersey, Sturbridge and Worcester in Massachusetts, and finally Haines City, Florida, many places, for sure, and each time an adventure!

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Deacon Richard Demers

Born of Native American roots, Deacon Richard has been married to Jeannine Rivard for over 44 years, both originally from Rhode Island. Together they have three children (two boys and a girl) and four grandchildren (two girls and two boys). He and Jeannine relocated from Virginia to Florida in February of 2010. Deacon Richard spent seven years in the US Air Force, serving in Arkansas, Nebraska, Southeast Asia, and the White House. Following his time serving his country, he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Data Communications from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA, and a Master’s degree in Religious Studies with a concentration in Spirituality from Christendom College in Front Royal, VA. Deacon Richard pursued a career as a Systems Engineer in both private industries and as a government contractor. He is published on LinkedIn with white papers describing Systems Engineering. After serving for over 50 years in a variety of engineering and management roles, he retired in January 2020. Deacon Richard was ordained on May 13, 1989, by Bishop Richard Keating in the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia. He received his faculties in the Orlando Diocese from Bishop John Noonan on May 13, 2015. “May 2021 will mark 32 years in Holy Orders for me, yet it seems like ordination was only yesterday. I want to serve my Lord and His church in whatever way I can. I also praise Him for giving me two families: my wife, children, and grandchildren, and my family in the Catholic Church.”

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Deacon Jairo Rosario

Jairo was born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, where he grew up and lived with his family. He studied Computer Science at the Metropolitan University in his hometown. He received his baptism on December 15 at the age of one. But as a young adult, he completed his Rite of Christian Initiation at San Antonio de Padua Parish in Guayama, PR, where he joined his wife Lydia Danela de Jesus years later in holy matrimony. Together, they began their discipleship at the service of the youth as leaders of the Youth Ministry, and they stayed in that ministry for years. Jairo has always had a passion for service, to serve God and His people, and although he had the concern in his heart to do something else, he did not contemplate the idea of the diaconate at that moment since he felt that he was too young. Looking for better opportunities and quality of life, when his country was going through difficult times, he moved to Florida in October 2013. In December of that same year, he started working at Westgate Resorts, the company for which he still works. With his arrival in Florida, Jairo makes St. Ann Catholic Church his new community of faith, his new home. Feeling again in his heart the call to serve, he puts everything in prayer and God’s hands, and through mysterious ways, God answers him with the call to the permanent diaconate. A call that he welcomed with courage and joy into his heart, a call that his wife Lydia also welcomed and continues to support Jairo since this is a lifelong commitment. He began his formation and studies for the diaconate in August 2016 and he was ordained on June 11, 2022, in our Diocese. “My dear brothers and sisters, I humbly ask for your prayers so that I can continue the vocation I feel in my heart and for the will of God to be done in my life always.”

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Deacon Steven Ramos

Good day and Blessings to all! I was born in Brooklyn, NY, and grew up in the humble town of Hatillo, Puerto Rico. My amazing wife Carmen and I have known each other since we were thirteen. We have been married for over 36 years and have two wonderful sons, Steven, Jr. and Ricardo Emmanuel. I enlisted in the US Coast Guard and served my country in multiple capacities, mostly as an Electronic Technician, Law Enforcement Officer, and Recruiter. I comically joke that I joined the Coast Guard to save lives and have helped save over 400 lives and over 3,000 refugees, but now God has called me to help save souls. After serving 23 years in the US Coast Guard and retiring in 2005 while in Florida, I worked as an Electronic Engineer and Production Manager for a private firm, building Satellites for military and commercial use. I received my calling to the Diaconate while working in a retreat of the John XXIII Movement. After asking God what his calling was for me, I opened the bible and placed my finger, which landed on Acts 6:5, the story of St. Stephen, the first Deacon of the Church. Well, I guess I got my answer. Be careful what you ask for. I was ordained as a permanent deacon on Oct. 3, 2020, in the Diocese of Orlando and was assigned to St. Rose of Lima in Poinciana, where my wife and I have lived and served for over 22 years. After moving to Haines City, our bishop re-assigned me to the beautiful parish of St. Ann, where my wife Carmen and I were greeted with open arms and much happiness and love. We ask for your continued prayers so that we can serve the Lord and our beautiful community with Faith, Hope, and Love. Remember, my brothers and sisters. Jesus loves you, and we do too!


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